• CHFJPY 111.406 / 111.420
  • EURCHF 1.16255 / 1.16265
  • EURGBP 0.88428 / 0.88434
  • EURJPY 129.524 / 129.534
  • EURUSD 1.17112 / 1.17115
  • GBPCHF 1.31460 / 1.31485
  • GBPJPY 146.461 / 146.491
  • GBPUSD 1.32431 / 1.32439
  • USDCAD 1.31357 / 1.31365
  • USDCHF 0.99268 / 0.99277
  • USDJPY 110.598 / 110.605
  • XAGUSD 16.003 / 16.056
  • XAUUSD 1,255.46 / 1,255.82
why IGM Forex?
Regulation Compliance
Clients protection is an essential element of IGM Forex’s effort to verify security in trading activity and the quality of the company’s services.
Fund Security
Clients can rest assured that their funds are managed with the utmost care and security. In accordance with CySEC legislation, IGM keeps client funds with Tier-1 global banks in segregated accounts. In the unlikely event of liquidation, segregated funds cannot be used to pay creditors and must be returned to clients directly.
Currency Pair Selection
Offering a multitude of trade options from various currency pairs to even CFDs and precious metals, IGM clients are privileged to pick according to their needs as they handle the world's greatest market.
Anti Money-Laundering
IGM Forex does not permit/allow the practice of money laundering and is dedicated to ensuring that its services are safe against such efforts.
Learning Resources
IGM Forex offers a multitude of services to help clients optimize their trade experience to further support clients beyond their day to day business executions.
The Company is committed to safeguarding information / Personal Data it collects, uses and/or holds in accordance with the provisions of the European General Data Protection Regulation EU 2016/679 (hereinafter ‘GDPR’) and any regulations of the Republic of Cyprus which implement or supplement the GDPR.
We focus on the client
With IGM Forex, size of your investment is not what matters. We treat our clients, regardless of their net worth, the same and we are focused on providing the same level, of quality services to all our clients.
Clear and trustworthy
There are no hidden terms regarding our prices execution. The services that we provide to our clients, are the same as advertised on this website, no matter what the size of their investment is.
Effortless and suitable
We have built our system according to our client's needs. From the account opening procedure, to managing funding, trading and withdrawing of your funds, it is an effortless and suitable to all needs, process and system.
*CFD- retail client accounts generally lose money.
Learning resources
To assist clients beyond their daily trade executions, Daweda offers a wide range of services that will help them optimize their end-to-end trade experience
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