A precious metal is deemed precious because it is rare, and they have a high economic value. Metals are a physical commodity and have always played an important role in history and will continue to be valued. Demand for these metals has increased around the world and therefore has driven prices up over the past several years. Metals such as gold and silver have been recognized as valuable and have always been a trader’s favourite choice.

Available Instruments:

  • Silver: is a highly volatile metal. Given silver’s common use in jewelry and consumer products, supply and demand heavily influence movements in this commodity.
  • Gold: is the most popular commodity traded. It is known as a safe haven during economic, political or social uncertainty.

At IGM Forex, we give to our clients, the opportunity to trade CFDs on Spot Metals. Contracts for difference is a form of trading, called derivative trading, and it gives the possibility of an attempt to net a potential profit by speculating on the rise or the fall of the prices on the product’s market. Since the Spot Metals that we offer, are traded on CFDs, that means that there is no actual ownership of the underlying product and because there is no exchange in the traded product, it is said that the product is traded over the counter (OTC). Below you will find the specification of the metals that we offer.

Instrument   Leverage Stop out Level Minimum Trade Size Contract size per lot Tick Value (1 lot) Decimal Places Trading Hours (GMT+2)
XAUUSD 1:20 50.0% 0.01 100 ounces 1 USD 0.01 01:00-24:00
XAGUSD 1:10 50.0% 0.01 5000 ounces 5 USD 0.01 01:00-24:00